Mobile cabins for rent:

Affordable, Cosy, Portable Cabins for Rent.

Contact us to rent a cabin -warm,safe secure and private extra room or Private work from home space

Easy as – We bring and set up our caravan cabins for you

Rent a cabin as a quick and easy way to solve the problems outlined below , we would love to be able to help you as quick as we can.
Need to rent a cabin for temporary accommodation during renovations. Rent a cabin and keep an eye on the project
Need to work from home set up a new new office space. Rent a cabin and work from home without interruption
Perhaps you just want to make money from that unused piece of lawn? Rent a Mobile cabin to rent out for cash .

Portable cabins built to last built, these robust secure units are quickly  moved to your place by our team at a suitable time.

Run a business from home – Rent a cabin as the perfect home office space

Room for visitors and family -Rent a cabin as the spare room

Teenage Chillout space –Rent a cabin as the and those Teens will be out of site secure and able to focus !

Storage Space, –renovating building need some spaceRent a cabin and stay close to the action 

Arty or creative space – Rent a cabin  and express yourself

Temporary Site office – Rent a cabin  for that professional office space

Buy a cabin and start your journey on the property ladder


Moved in for you

No long term contracts – generally 6 months minimum but we are open

Quick response if we have stock

We will just roll it away when you no longer need it

No Permit - Rent Moile Cabin no permit required

No permit for mobile cabins

Because our rooms are on wheels, a number of councils don’t require you to have expensive building or council permits.

Rent cabin as granny flat

Use our cabin as a granny flat

Add an extra room to your home, without adding onto your house.

Delivered and set up for you

You don't need to do a thing. We'll set up everything for you on site.

Rent -Display Mobile Cabin

Safe and secure delivered to you

Our cabins are a blank canvas - use them any way you want.

Countless applications

We offer two sizes of portable cabins to rent.

Fits a queen size bed, bedside table, chest of drawers and small desk. 

 They have a sun awning and are fitted with a smoke detector , offer plenty of natural light inside , a two-way sliding door, small balcony and are decorated in modern, neutral colours.

One of our rental cabin suppliers

Our Mobile Cabins are very adaptable

Renting  a caravan cabin room will cost-effectively offer you more space, with very little hassle.

Whether living quarters or a granny flat  or secure storage

Manukau Council have no building constraints for a caravan cabin but to build one you may  need a consent

Rent a Mobile Cabin as a Home Office

Rent our mobile cabin as a home office for anyone looking for more space to conduct business on their own property.

Rent a mobile cabin as a Site office

Warm cozy safe and secure . in your backyard

Spacious room

Rent a Mobile Cabin as a spare room

friends and family that come to visit ,A Safe secure cozy spare room in your backyard

Rent mobile Cabins , Multiple on one site

Caravan cabin hire

Caravan cabins , stylish compliant warm and secure

Spacious and Cosy

Extra bedroom

Secure warm and dry

Teenage study room

A dedicated study space offers students uninterrupted concentration.

Portable cabins for hire nz

Visitor accommodation

you could make money from renting your garden

Spacious and Cosy

Teenager breakout room

Clean, spacious, secure and affordable options for worker accommodation.

Mobile Cabin rented as a site office

Quality storage space

Awesome spaces delivered to you

Great - Simple solution and easy to deal with

Loved it sorted out the cabin I wanted , they visited the site . delivered it when I was there , it is so warm!. I havent looked back - Great stuff thank you

South Auckland


It has been just perfect form my needs I can escape to work. leave everything set up and I am at home for when the kids come home. My stuff stays safe and secure on my property !. The comute is a pleasure LOL 🙂