Benefits of renting a mobile Cabin

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Rent a Mobile Cabin is  an affordable alternative to building a new room

At some stage in our lives, almost all of us will need more space. Building a permanent structure is expensive.Putting up a cabin is expensive and not secure . Rent  our warm fully insulated compliant mobile cabin ,compliant with all building codes cabins to keep your stuff dry and safe.

Whether you need an extra room in your home, you run a home business or you need a temporary granny flat or storage space – Rent a mobile Caravan will help.Renting is a quick and simple way to solve your problems , the term is generally from 6 months.

Just fill in the form or call us, we will visit the site ,meet you and discuss the best solution for you

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A Mobile caravan has no council rules , the only one you need to watch is the height to boundary 

Cosy retreat - Rent a mobile Cabin

Rent a Mobile Cabin - You dont need to worry about a thing

You don’t have to do a thing! They are delivered to your property and completely set up by us.

Our Cabins are warm and cosy , Come and check out our our display cabin

Plenty of space

Tried and tested design

Robust and well constructed , our cabins are compliant with all codes and will last

Get the size that suits your needs

Rent now is the best way to find out the size mobile cabin will fit your needs

Non demanding colours

Our Mobile caravans blend in.We have tried to use colours that can match and compliment and furnishings you use

Sensibly priced and Secure

These quality mobile caravans are going to last the distance. and proven to stand up to natures worst.